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Dedicating ourselves to consulting business for over 30 years, our "CLIENT", ranges over 1,000 companies, covering a very wide variety of industries, from large companies with long history to newly established venture companies.

However, it is not the number or industry diversity, but we are sincerely proud and highly esteem our history and moment that has been working together with deep trust on the important phase of our client company such as a critical turning point.

Since our client does not come to us to purchase a ready-made package, what is common in a relationship with a good client is in being issue-conscious and honest about them at the beginning of the consulting process, thus, we are starting our consulting process from identifying the key issue our client has.

The consulting theme specifically requested from our clients are:

  • Formulating a managemental roadmap
  • Creating a business reformation strategy which push the boundaries of their current scope
  • Help in M&A or partnership for future expansion and/or survival
  • Establish the strategical roadmap of their new business development
  • Make our newly started business a successful firm
  • Reforming our organizational structure which cannot follow their speed of business growth
  • Reforming their whole organizational structure

What we hear from our clients are, "I want to improve our company's position", "I want to lead our company to success" or even "What is the definition of our company's success"

Since a company is a group of people, placed in an uncertain environment, a person who thinks that they must create new things by changing the current situation need to fight adversity both internally as well as externally.

In that sense, those who aim for reformation and change are always "Lonely"

To keep and convert that person's energy towards true success, we as consultants are responsible for becoming a "Catalyst" to accompany, and give advice to the "Solitary Pathfinder"

From our 30 years of experience, we do know that the temperature and momentum of that person's energy is the decisive condition to determine the success or failure of change.

In other words, management consultants are useless where a person's energy is absent.

What we can do is to become a knowledge builder and irritant for transforming our client's energy to the maximum extent and real movement

And we are proud to have met many clients with such energy and passion.

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