Consulting Orthodoxy

Consulting Professionality

CDI is a "GUILD" consisted of 'consulting craftspeople' specialized in solving our client's unique management issues and providing a hands-on, order-made solution, which ultimately helps our client overcome their issues.

Our "SERVICE" (consultancy) is not to provide a ready-made package (i.e. pre-existing solution or methodology / know-how) as a product of the so-called "consulting industry", nor is it to outsource specified parts of our work or operation elsewhere.

When our clients – company's executives who facing critical management issues on every moment of his/her life, they may have an intuitive feeling of anxiety or uncomfortable feeling that something might be going wrong.

They may also wonder…
"I do not feel comfortable about the current situation"
"Is this truly the right choice?"
"are we going on the right path?"
"What is definition of 'right' or 'wrong' for our company?"

The more profound and essential the management issues are, the deeper fog a client company would walk into…

The ultimate role of a management consultant is to support a client company to find the best way without having groundless assumptions or self-righteousness and make a concrete step forward.

To accomplish the above mission faithfully and clearly, a consultant should:

  • Know every essential fact about the client company with absolute clarity, such as the company culture, its history, employees' motivation which can describe their 'corporate personality',
  • Understand the client company's product, service, their market and their customers
  • Furthermore, by carefully collecting and analyzing the facts about competing companies and the realities of market competition, a consultant will be able to embody the true situation which the client company is facing.
  • And this is, the starting point of our SERVICE.

The reason for our consultants to execute the above process at the starting phase is because consultants need to be a clear "MIRROR" which accurately and properly reflects the true situation our client company is in.

Throughout this process, our client may be thinking,
"How should we understand our current situation reflected in CDI's mirror?"
"What is its implication on our path in moving forward?"
"What challenges would this create for our company?"
From these questions, our consultants' creative collaboration – accompanying and exerting process – really begins.
This is the real process of exploring, formulating and creating the "Corporate Direction", a clear image of the pathway for our client company, while eliminating the clouds of anxiety and incongruity which initially were thought to be permanent.

Throughout the whole process, a consultant never pushes their theory forcefully. However, it also does not mean that a consultant passively follows requests from the client, either.

We consultants are:

  • A trigger to revamp our client's recognition of their current situation
  • A provider and stimulator of a spark for our clients to activate their contemplation
  • A catalyst to inspire creation, and
  • A force for our client's decision making on bold actions which should be taken…

When our client tries to transform their company, they are always solitary, fighting against internal and external forces. It is unavoidable because a company consists of individual persons, who tend to be bitter when faced with uncertainty.

A consultant stands by solitary clients so that their emotional energy can create strong impact of actual transformation.

We are consultants…
who are reliable outsiders, and
who are trustworthy insiders at the same time…
Simultaneous pursuit of these contradictory identities is the origin and principle of consulting professionality.

This is the Consulting Orthodoxy that we CDI believe in.

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