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Kotaro Ishii Executive Partner

Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group
B.A. in Economics, University of Tokyo

Drawing on his extensive experience in a wide range of industries, Kotaro Ishii has developed highly effective consulting techniques and skills that have proven invaluable in the corporate makeovers with which he has been involved. In each and every project, Mr. Ishii has made a concerted effort to identify the company's strengths and unique assets in order to better implement the necessary reforms. This specialized approach has helped him to advise his clients on how to best adapt to a new corporate environment during the turnaround process. His many successes have been made possible through both his insight into the corporation's most basic business practices, organization and human resources, and his gift for implementing reform strategies.

Along with his expertise in formulating management policy directions and skill in creating a strategic vision throughout the mid- and long-term, Mr. Ishii has wide-ranging experience in the creation and implementation of sales strategies, product and business development, organizational reforms, and human resources development.


Shinichiro Urabe Partner

B.A. in Economics, University of Tokyo

Shinichiro Urabe has extensive experience in industries such as IT / internet (mobile internet platform, E-commerce, internet auction service, system integrator, and broadband carrier), Consumer products and retailer (SPA apparel, jewelry retailer, convenience store, and cosmetics), real estate (apartment developer, resort hotel, and rental agent) and Buy out fund. Recently, he engages in many strategic planning projects in Asian market (China Vietnam, and Thailand), such as market research, market penetration strategy planning, alliance strategy planning, and M&A support.


Tatsuhiro Ogawa Principal

Director, CDI-Singapore
General Director, CDI Vietnam
Asian International Executive Programme, INSEAD (Singapore)
B.A. in Law, University of Tokyo

Tatsuhiro Ogawa is an expert in business environment analysis, strategic planning, organization restructuring and M&A support (sourcing, due-diligence, negotiation advisor, and PMI) especially in the Southeastern Asian region. His extensive experience covers a broad range of industries from Food & beverage to Automotive, Consumer products, and Internet services.

Mr. Ogawa connects the Japanese companies/market and the ASEAN companies/market on the basis of value creation. He further contributes to the development of the companies in the ASEAN region with his valuable insights and knowledge from his well-grounded experience in the Japanese consulting industry.

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