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Introduction of Public & Technology Team at Corporate Directions, Inc.

Public & Technology Team started in 2009 at Corporate Directions Inc., (CDI) the first independent strategic professional consulting service in Japan. CDI-PT aims to establish new areas of consulting services to hybrid corporate strategy and national industry policy.

Today, industrial structure and competition change rapidly worldwide. In emerging countries, low-cost strategies are advancing, and in developed countries, exporting model is shifting from shipping manufacturing to exporting services and infrastructure. In addition, with the evolution of information communications technology, there has been innovation of services and commerce which has changed the business environment substantially, and the rapid change gave us no time to harmonize the way of business model and the technological development. Moreover, to lead the fast-changing world, there is urgent need for new strong formation by the government, companies, institutions and universities, and to support this kind of collaboration by different organizations, it is essential in having excellent coordinator who takes neutral position.

CDI is here to provide a new distinctive coordination, to fill the gap between industry policy and corporations to realize new value creation, enhancing core-competence and capabilities of Japan.

Over thirty years of experience in strategic consulting, CDI has worked with various clients to create business strategies. Our clients range from corporations, government institutions, medical institutions, non-profit organizations, and non-governmental organizations. Today, CDI-PT is active in Asia, including China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia, and in North America and Europe.

CDI's "Agent of Real Change" spirit is more active in CDI-PT. We do not only provide traditional strategic consulting services for short term earnings but also assist in formulating strategies both for private sectors and public sectors to plan and implement those strategies, and to realize long-term paradigm shift. CDI-PT believes that we are unique independent technology and ICT-policy consulting force based in Japan.

Our Principle

CDI-PT does not believe that Japanese business model is the best and work even in other countries. In many cases, when a company loses in global competition, it is due to not understanding local people, society, culture, and business practices. That is what we consider actual global strategic insights.

We believe that Japanese technology and operation will contribute worldwide, and we affirm the cost structure of companies in Japan is still competitive to emerging countries, if they focus and modify their business specification and integrate developing technology to a global standard. However, in most cases, poor communications lead to misunderstandings.

Why did the Japanese companies become noncompetitive from the 1990s? CDI-PT thinks that the value fluctuation in the IT industry made horizontal division of labor, leading to vertically integrated Japanese companies to lose its strength. Moreover, weak “coordination” and “business matching” by the Japanese companies worsened this situation.

CDI-PT will question again and again for stereotypical business assumptions against the realities of the Non-Japanese market. CDI-PT is opening door not only to Japanese companies but also to foreign companies or government, if they have good interest in collaborating with Japanese companies and their unique technologies.

Our Industry Specialties

On our website, you will find information about the service industries we currently provide worldwide.

  • 8K/4K Broadcasting technology, Hybrid TV, Mobile TV
  • Digital Contents
  • Optical Telecommunications/ 5G Mobile
  • IoT/ Energy harvest technology
  • Cloud based-IT/Platform
  • Industry4.0
  • Image Processing/Face recognition Technology
  • Multilingual Translation
  • Smart Farming, logistics
  • Public sector industry policy/Deregulation
CDI-PT develops new type of projects exit every year that are both original and innovative. These exclusive results give our clients the ability to take steps ahead of the competition.
Our services include:

  • Industry/Corporate Strategy
  • Technology driven new Business Development
  • R&D monetarize management
  • Multinational project coordinator
  • HRM, Organizations for transnational
  • Global operations/BPR
  • Technology strategy/management/World Standardization
  • IT Patent/license

Global Alliance

Today, successful global strategy requires the awareness and understanding of local people, culture, and peculiar business practices. CDI-PT has global network with leading consulting firms in Silicon Valley and Washington, US and Taiwan. CDI-PT and CDI provide clients with seamless support from both global and local perspectives


Fumitaka Okumura, PT Partner

[Education & Carrier Background]

Master of Business Administration Keio university(MBA)Majored in Finance strategy
Graduated from Waseda University with bachelor’s degree in English and French language
Industry & technology policy consulting company Corporate direction partner, Director  of planning division (NTT Communication), Consulting Manager of social systems(NTT data institute), consultant (Andersen Consulting)
A committee member of Ministry of Welfare & Labor, Ministry of internal affairs & communication
Special Expertise in business model & industry policy at Video/4k8k Digital Broadcasting/Broadband IP Network technology

[Major Track Records]

  • Digital mobile broadcasting system promotion and integration for Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey (MIC 2012-15)
  • Smart mobile broadcasting consortium development in Taiwan (MIC 2013-14)
  • Project management of Japanese Digital broadcasting system(ISDB-T) and ICT infrastructure technologies and business model exporting project for Brazil, Philippine, South-America, Africa countries (MIC 2010-17)
  • Solar low energy consumption mobile broadcasting system design for rural area of Indonesia (JAIF 2012)
  • EWBS Asia-disaster information system design for Indonesia (MIC 2012)
  • Research for corroborate development US & Japan and EU &Japan institute in 5G network, Optical devices, Data analysis and cyber security (MIC 2014- 15)
  • Research of new technological needs in Japan and overseas related to the “Strategic Innovation Program2020” (CAO2016)
  • Regulation and technology research for technology and adopting scenario of anonymizing privacy data for Big Data analysis” (METI2009)
  • Other more than 250 professional research and consulting track records

[Presentation & Articles]

  • 8K AR/VR/MR in Taiwan international conference (2016 Taiwan Institute)
  • Japan mobile platform in United Nation, ICTDR in Cairo (2005 MOF /JICA)
  • Digital broadcasting workshop (Thailand/MIC 2014)
  • "Japan mobile promises" (Jupiter Research 2001)

Yuichi Kosugi, Manager

[Track Records]

  • Reform of governance and remodeling of organization at a national university
  • Evaluation project of regional industry promotion using ICT
  • Marketing research of the “Strategic Innovation Program”
  • Strategy planning and its execution for food and beverage companies


Joined Corporate Directions, Inc. after finishing master’s degree
Over 20 years of experience in consulting services, including but not limited to various business evaluation, strategy formulation and planning/executing mid-term business plan


M.A. in Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo
B.A. in Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo

Corporate Direction Public and Technology简介

Corporate Direction Public and Technology(以下简称CDI-PT)成立于2009年,是日本第一个致力于将公司战略和国家产业政策相结合的独立的专业战略咨询团队。













  • 8k播放技术,拼合电视以及移动电视
  • 数码内容产业
  • 光纤通信与5G移动通信
  • 数字媒体转换
  • 云技术信息平台
  • 新能源与数字电子
  • 宅内ICT技术应用与车内ICT技术应用
  • 线上消费品零售与自动化服务
  • 网络应用与网络安全
  • 公共部门产业政策与管制



  • 行业、企业战略规划
  • 技术导向性新事业开发
  • 研究与开发的货币化管理
  • 跨国项目合作
  • 跨国人力资源与组织管理
  • 全球化运营和业务流程重组
  • 技术战略、管理及标准化
  • 移动产业的企业并购和金融咨询
  • 信息技术专利及许可证相关业务




奥村 文隆(Fumitaka Okumura)


庆应义塾大学经营管理研究科修士 主攻财务战略
曾任NTT Communication企划部门主管、NTT 数据经营研究所社会系统咨询经理
现任战略与技术政策咨询公司 Corporate Direction合伙人


日本信息通信技术(ICT)基础设施的技术与商业模式推进项目 项目经理

  • 在南美、亚洲、非洲地区17个国家推进ISDB-T 地面数字电视广播系统 (总务省 2010-14)
  • 在台湾、泰国、土耳其推进 ISDB-Tmm 移动多媒体广播系统 (总务省2012-14)
  • 在台湾地区推进智能移动广播协会的发展 (总务省2013-14)
  • 在印度尼西亚、泰国地区推进亚洲灾害信息系统 (日本原子力产业协会 2012-14)

日本海外特派项目 项目经理

  • 印度尼西亚采购系统 & 数字授权技术 FS,J-Front (经济产业省、日本贸易振兴机构2004-8)
  • 埃及数字博物馆建筑 & 运营设计 FS (经济产业省、日本贸易振兴机构2008) 演讲与发表文章
  • At United Nation, ICTDR in Cairo (2005 国际协力机构)
  • 东欧国家电子政府会议能力 (2004日本贸易振兴机构)
  • 数字广播研究会 (总务省2014)
  • "日本移动承诺" (Jupiter Research 2001)


  • 匿名数字保护的新一代技术 (经济产业省 2009)
  • M2M 全球动向以及市场预测 (总务省2011)
  • HTML-5 & HEMS、BEMS技术国际标准的影响分析 (总务省2013)
  • 日美协力发展的研究评估 (总务省2014)
  • EU &日本关于5G网络或网络安全制度方面的调研 (总务省2015)
  • 超过250个跨国性调查研究实绩

是枝 邦洋(Kunihiro Koreeda)


京都大学综合人间学部 学士
京都大学大学院人间・环境学研究科 硕士 主攻文化人类学



  • 在中国市场新事业的构筑(医疗健康领域)
  • 在中国市场品牌定位支援、运营模式转换 (化妆品、服装)
  • 东南亚地区传送机器相关领域的新事构筑


  • 中国地区法人的PDCA循环构筑、组织设计、企划领域人才培养


  • 中国住宅医疗系统、健康管理系统事业的可行性研究(医疗)
  • 与中国现地企业的合并支援(制药、旅游)

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